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Framlingham CastleFramlingham Castle

One of the most impressive castles in England, dating from the 12th century. Mary had collected her forces at Framlingham Castle when she was proclaimed Queen of England on 19 July 1553. She is believed to have led her thousands-strong army from Framlingham Castle along Queen Mary's Lane on her way to London, where she eventually became the first woman to be crowned Queen of England in her own right.

Framlingham Castle is cared for by English Heritage. The earth works, meres and stunning surroundings are accessible at all times without charge. However, there is a charge to enter within the castle, including access to the wall walk and museums within. Click on the photo to visit the English Heritage site for opening times and details of frequent special events.
Woodland Trust, Pound Farm, Great Glemham

Woodland Trust, Pound Farm, Great Glemham

The Woodland Trust purchased Pound Farm in the 1990s, and planted it over with broad-leaf trees, adding to the pockets of ancient woodland already there.

Pleasant walks may be taken through the woods and meadows. There is a car-park from which we have sign-posted a 2.5 mile / 4km circular walk that follows Queen Mary's Lane before returning through Pound Farm to your starting point.

Follow the `Circular Walk' link in the menu on the left. Or, to access the Woodland Trust site, click on the photo to the right.

Bob Briscoe,
JC Larter & Co farming partnership
27 April 2014